Friday, November 13, 2009

Sky Dragon Centre: Making Possibilities a Reality in Hamilton

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit (and be inspired by) the Sky Dragon Centre in downtown Hamilton. Sky Dragon is a non-profit worker's co-operative that has been up and running since 2004.

Self-described as a "multi-use community centre in downtown Hamilton where people can explore their individual and collective power for change", they "providing environmentally and socially-conscious consumer and life-style alternatives, by strengthening the local economy, by raising awareness of social and ecological issues, and by facilitating direct democratic participation and community activism."

We were able to sit down with one of their members to discuss some of the challenges and successes they faced with creating this dynamic space.

From Kevin we learned about the differences between traditional non-profit organizations and non-profit workers co-operatives, something that we have been discussing in the past few months. It opened our eyes to the possibilities of how enriching and communal (although challenging!) a non-profit co-op model can be.

It was great to see another group of entrepreneurs achieve a similar dream to the one we are trying to create here in Toronto. Through their centre they are able to provide a cafe space, run workshops, host movie and music nights and be a fully engaged and integral part of their community. And although they aren't "off the grid" as we intend to be, they're doing what they can by using Bullfrog Power!

We heart you Sky Dragon! Thanks for your inspiration and paving the way for other great socially and environmentally innovative groups and businesses!

For more information on Sky Dragon and their services, visit !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

David Suzuki says Vote for About Face!

Okay, he hasn't aaaactually said that yet. But we're sure he will after we get a chance to hang at the Community Power Conference this weekend! Thanks to the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association for believing in and supporting the About Face Collective. Community Power! (Oh don't you love the double meaning?!)

Check out the website for more info. We'll be sure to report back apres conferencing. Hopefully you'll be able to decipher our crazy talk after a weekend of filling our brains with as much sustainable energy info as possible and internet pushing our Aviva entry. It closes Sunday, so vote now here! xo

Friday, November 6, 2009

Vote For Us!

We are running in the Aviva Community Fund for a chance to win funding for our Solar-powered Laundromat and Art Gallery Community space project. Please check out the details and vote for us! Thank you, thank you!